Friday, January 07, 2005

Jan 7, 2005

Had a whirl wind day. Started the morning with an onsight visit to check a property out in Auburn. Then found out I have to go to Helena, MT and Denver Monday through Thursday morning for work. We're scoping out some new buildings and seeing what the demographics are in those areas. Should be very educational - however, that also means valuable time away from the bike. I plan on using the hotels indoor trainer in MT and hopefully will get to rent something in Denver. Have any suggestions?

Also - I found a rain bike. Much cheaper. Durable and good geometry. It will certainly do the trick (Trek 1200). They use that model as their rental bike so it gives you an idea of their durability. I should have it when I get back. Then I'll just need to slap some fenders on it and I'll be good to go.

On the workout front - went climbing today. The day just flew by. Also had a massage.

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Coach said...

This weekend it will be important to get 2 solid days in on the bike. Even though the weather is bad, you will have to tough it. Dress warm!