Monday, January 03, 2005

Jan 3, 2005

Went for a short ride today - down to Golden Gardens and back on my old bike. My Kona is in the shop and apparently my rear tire that I spent a grip of money on has already cracked. Is it normal wear and tear? Or is this a warranty issue? Is it typical to put 4000 miles on wheels and then have to retire them? None-the-less I am in the market for a trainer so my nice bike doesn't see the miles that I have been neglectfully putting on it. Know anyone trying to sell a 54cm bike with decent components? urgh. I get so frustrated when it comes to sourcing new equipment because I am not the biggest gear head and there are sooooo many products out there. Any guidance would be stellar.

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Coach said...


Get a set of training wheels decked with cheap, tough tires, line them with a pair of slime liners and call it good. That's what I used to do in the winter when I was riding a lot in the rain. No sense in using good tires to train on. Or just go with the cheap tires on your regular wheels. Think of it like this, good tires use better material that wears quicker than cheap ones. I used to use the cheap continental tires. I would ride them down till you could see the liner!

So, if your rim has a crack in it that could be a warranty issue, although you'll need something in the meantime to ride anyway