Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jan 15, 2005

I had one of the hardest rides yet. It wasn't the mileage or the terrain - it was more the aches and pains of getting a new bike and dialing in for comfort. I have a ways to go in fine tuning it. My shoulders and butt kill. But I did manage to put in 4 hours of riding time (despite the ice showers and sub 30 degree weather). I think my middle name is pain.

I really dug deep today. I don't think winter training can get any tougher. It made me stronger - mentally and physically. If I ever find myself struggling during race time in the summer, I will recollect my winter hours spent training and push myself that much harder. I was partially exhausted from not enough sleep, too light of a breakfast, heavier bike, ice, cold, etc etc... but I still managed to complete my ride with an inner smile.

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