Saturday, March 01, 2008


Suspicions confirmed - skiing does take those important base miles out of your legs and makes you race like shiz in the early season!

A couple of notes though. First, my prescribed method of "racing like an idiot" was pretty much ridiculous. Instead of gaining great fitness, improving my stamina and high end, it ended up biting me in the ass. I had forgotten - racing with the fellas means no fruitless matches to burn otherwise they'll turn on you and burn you!

Second, and this is silly I had forgotten it, but nutrition plays a HUGE roll in being able to get to the finish line in the end. Pre-race jitters shrink your tummy tum but you must, you must, you MUST force it down. Dually noted.

I think I decided to be a rookie today. Sweetness.

The pluses - first race of the season is DUN. The weather gods were gracious today and blessed us with sunny blue skies. The bike felt great.

Now it's all about recovery and getting up early in the morning to head south for a nice TT in the morning! Ciao for now....

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