Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dear Mr. Crazy Man,

I heard you yelling again today as you walked your Jack Russell Terrier along the Canal. I know we've never met and I'm not one to judge but your dog is starting to put on a little weight. It didn't happen over night, mind you. But slowly and surely over the past 5 years I've worked here, the pounds have started to settle in.

Remember last spring when Leo (how do I know the dogs name you ask? I can hear you yell it every time you walk by) slipped out of your reach and attacked some poor girl on a bike? He nipped her something good and you yelled at Leo, who un-fazed kept chasing the cyclist. A little white dog on a mission.

I must admit, I do enjoy watching you walk your dog by my window. Even when you get Leo wound up like a flip toy who barks as though he's going to come out of his skin. And then you throw the object in your hand, while still holding onto the leash. And of course Leo bounds after the object, choking his muscular neck while standing up on his rear feet and nearly knocking you off yours.

And then you slowly shuffle away, Leo in tow, licking his chops for his next well earned treat.

See you tomorrow, Mr. Crazy Man.

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