Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Paddy's

Luckily my rest day fell on St. Patricks day so I got to cook my brains out. We had the traditional corned beef and cabbage with beef stout stew, colcannon, and Treacle Farls. Lip smacking good - but entirely way too much food! Our fridge is loaded with leftovers - I guess we over estimated.

Funny how cooking takes so long to prepare - the processes each item has to go through, the timing, the coaxing and improvising if things don't go according to plan. Hours of hovering over the stove, patiently waiting for everything to come out all at once. And then within about 20 minutes the food is consumed and you can barely move since you over ate. It always baffles me how it can take hours to get things on the table and then just like that it's over. Just goes to show, like all things that take time in life, you have to enjoy the process getting there. Each time adjusting a recipe to make sure you get it right next time, taking notes, incorporating new ideas - whoa, it's really parallel to cycling. It's definitely a science where experience pays. But you can't be afraid to try something new - sometimes the best things result from taking risks (and sometimes the worst - a crisco pie crust comes to mind).

Last night, as we sat around the dinner table laughing and joking - I remember thinking to myself, this is what it's all about. Having family and loved ones near you and celebrating life. Cheers!

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