Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Death by Bagel Chip

Today I had an incurable craving for salty crunchy toasted bagel chips. There's something about their crunch that makes me reach back in the bag again and again. But I must say - today I earned it.

42 degrees and "light rain" as I headed out on my training ride. On the menu today - LT intervals which tend to keep things interesting and keep me in the saddle for the duration of the ride. Without that purpose - without the sheer enjoyment of having accomplished something on a ride - who knows what I would be doing. It keeps me disciplined and out in the elements and as a reward I crunch crunch crunch a munch away on my bagel chips.

At one point, it was raining sideways on the I-90 bridge and the oncoming traffic was spraying lots of residue up while I leaned into the wind to stay upright. I was in the middle of an interval thinking, when is this going to be over? Am I at the end of the bridge yet - oh crap here comes another semi - braise yourself! And yet managed to get across unscathed and low and behold the sun started peaking out. Dressed for the monsoon I just rode through, I was a little warm when I ventured back home. My neoprene diving gloves work really well when it's raining hard - otherwise they stink like Ryan's 18 year old hockey gear. Peew!

I just had to remove the bagel chips from next to the computer.

I do want to mention a little personal victory I had recently. Every Easter I gorge Gorge GORGE myself on Cadbury mini eggs. They're way worse than bagel chips. I've been known to eat an entire big bag of them in one sitting. One year my brother bought me the Walmart 2 lb. bag for my birthday and I had Ryan hide them from me until after boxing Nationals. You bet I ransacked the house several times to search for them. Well this year - this year, of all years, I avoided all Easter chocolate. Don't ask me how - but I managed to do it. If you only knew what kind of chocoholic I am you'd realize what a HUGE step that is in my recovery. Now I have to wait another year until the mini eggs come back onto the market...


Rachel said...

You might not want to know this, but they've started making Cadbury Mini Eggs for Christmas (so only 9 months to wait). I only know because I am obsessed with them.

Juicey said...

Nooooooooooooo! That's really good and bad news. :)