Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't strain your milk!

My late grandfather was full of great sayings - one of which was repeated at the perfect time today.

My mom, sister and I were stuck in traffic at the Fremont bridge on our way home today. My mom was driving, sister in the passenger and I was in the back seat. A cyclist was in our lane, waiting for the light to change. My mom, a little impatient, decided to switch lanes. Only to find out a car had stalled in the far left turn lane. We quickly pulled into the other lane, only to discover the bridge was up.

Poor guy in soccer shorts, afro and a worn sweatshirt popped the hood of his Jeep Cherokee and was frantically looking through his trunk for a set of jumper cables. I felt compelled to help the poor guy - by at least seeing about pushing him over into the Nickerson Street Saloon parking lot. My mom, in perfect form, responded, "Jennifer, don't strain your milk!"

Worried I would pull a muscle or get injured somehow from helping the poor guy out - she then proceeded to tell me, that's a man's job! Only men should help women; women should not help men! Your grandfather would tell you in a heartbeat, don't strain your milk!

Needless to say, I couldn't get out of the car because I was laughing so hard. Good thing too - apparently his little jeep just needed a rest - he restarted a few minutes later, no problem.

Don't strain your milk - classic.

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