Monday, March 24, 2008

Picture Round Up

Just downloaded some pictures from the past few weeks. The first is a shot of Ryan climbing at Vantage, near the Gorge in George, WA. He made a one day trip a few weekends ago with his friends while I was out racing. Looks like some interesting blocky features - and pretty solid rock compared to what Vantage usually offers (CHOSS!)

Flash forward several days to just last Friday. I headed out for a nice little spin to wake the legs up and do some race prep on my shiny Kona. Not even a mile from my house, I crossed some rail road tracks, heard a something snap and figured, since my wheels were ok - I would continue. About a mile later, I looked down to realize my speedo was missing. I sprinted back to the tracks, having a car pass me only to roll directly over my computer. Damn! 10 seconds too late!

Then Sunday morning, we woke up a little late and I had a nice soggy wet ride. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera - but I'm sure it would have gotten wet and been ruined anyways. It was a day just for the hard core people - I maybe saw 3 people on the entire ride? I headed east to get some climbing in and met up with Ryan at Coolan park to head south to our friend Chris's house who lives down in Salmon Bay. It's a hippie community located near Pt. Defiance park that's been around since the 1970's. It's only accessible via a steep sandy trail that washes out during heavy rains. Chris bought this "shack" several years ago with the intention of fully remodeling it and calling it home.

He had amazing momentum at first - replacing some pylons, adding structural integrity, new windows, new roof, etc - but the interior is now filled with the tools necessary to do the outdoor projects. He also has become quite a collector of items left in the free box at the top of the hill. (You should see his mugs!) He has fully replaced the sub flooring (it was completely rotten before), replaced the windows with a windowed garage doors, added another bathroom upstairs (tiled with 1970 orange Caribbean "free" tile) and installed a cool 2'x6' glass floor which you can see directly down below the house and watch the tide wash in and out.

Ah, home sweet home. We had a serious clam and oyster feed while we were there and we got to watch the series of weather patterns blow in from the Olympics. One minute it would be super sunny and nice - and the next a total downpour where you couldn't see the Narrows. During one of the dry spells we tried sailing a kite and it did about three turns and then went crashing down into the water. The guys also had a go at chopping up parts of a log that Chris had hauled up from the sound to use as fire wood. Laughs were had by all. I attempted to chop a piece of wood too - and the ax didn't even penetrate the wet wood - it just bounced off. Don't worry - I didn't strain my milk on that one. :)

We topped the weekend off with my new favorite movie, "Blades of Glory." If you haven't seen it yet - I highly, highly recommend it.

Fire and Ice baby, fire and ice.

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