Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Magic Jacket

I bought a new spiffy rain coat last week at Gregg's. It's see through and was not your typical $15 garbage-bag-can't-breath-in-this-thing-am-I-wetter-on-the-inside? jacket. Oh no, this jacket has certain magical powers. Not only does it breath but it also changes shape when waters applied, or so I'm told. So far it has had the ability to fend off rain whenever I stash it in my back pocket and manages to make dark gray clouds lighten up and halt any precipitation coming down from the sky.

Forecasters predicted definite rain showers this afternoon - from about 3 pm on. Expecting rain and 44 degrees (as brutal of conditions as it gets here!), I jumped on my rain bike and headed North to meet up with Ryan at his work. I a-balmed up my legs, applying a thicker than normal layer. Out the door I went.

Nearing Shoreline, about 45 minutes later, my legs started to tingle with a nice heat. Then once I neared Bothell 10 minutes later, I knew I had applied a little too much. I was accompanied by a nice little tail wind - which did nothing to cool my blistering legs. Have you ever gotten so sunburn you feel like your skin is going to burn off? Similar feeling.

I arrived at Ryan's office, dry. Surrounding his office were dark looming clouds - and moments after we got in the car, I pulled my rain jacket out of my pocket and the skies opened up. Magic powers I tell you, magic powers.

Now if I can just get my legs to stop burning...

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