Friday, March 28, 2008

White Weekend?

Looking out my window right now, it's snowing. It's not sticking - but it's definitely coming down in big white chunks. And it's supposed to continue through tomorrow. We're headed up to Bellingham tonight for some racing and hanging with family and friends. My sister is going too - but to go skiing. She's smarter and younger than I. Baker is boasting 45" of new snow in the last 48 hours.

Am I nuts for looking forward to racing in this weather? I'm ready to put those last clinging winter pounds to use and punch it in the face. If anything, it should make for some good blog fodder later.

A few last minute items thrown into my bag:

1. Diving gloves. Stinky, as I mentioned before. But life saving when it's cold and wet.

2. Atmoic balm (balm, balm, balm, balm). Actually, I never removed it from my bag. I just need to make sure I grab the alcohol to remove it from my hands and make sure I put the Chamois butter on first.

3. Belgian Knee Warmers. I remember TST a few years ago when Symmetrics showed up and it was pouring down rain and their legs looked like they had spread a full coat of butter on them. Did you hear those ladies complaining? Nope. And they finished the race.

4. Certified Ass Kicking Attitude. Need I explain?

1 comment:

Brian said...

Oh snap! No racey racey!

Should have kicked it in Sequim with us. Sunny and warm!