Saturday, March 08, 2008

24 to 60!

Things went much much better this week out at good old Mason Lake. Thankfully the weather gods shined on us again and other than a slight mist at the start, we were dry the entire race. My plan, sit in. That worked much better than last weeks attempt of being aggressive in the first two laps and then getting dropped like a rock. This time I made it all 60 miles - but botched the sprint. I suppose in my head I had only rehearsed the completion of the race with the pack - I hadn't anticipated the sprint finish. Um... hello, Jen? You in there? Time to come out of hibernation and do what you love - SPRINT! The thing is, when I attempted to go my legs screamed in protest and next thing I know the ladies are galloping up the road and I roll in dead last. But not as dead as last week - which is a HUGE improvement.

And Liz, my partner in crime from last weeks fiasco ended up 3rd! Way to go Liz!

Tomorrow we repeat the dosage of high mileage and intensity. We'll see how different the dynamics will be without the guys in the mix. Hopefully I'll be able to gallop into the finish this time and let my legs have some candy. :)

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