Sunday, March 16, 2008


Early spring racing in the NW means wet, wet weather and 40 degree racing. Fun. To offset this bone chilling effect I've discovered "ATOMIC BALM" (cue the echo voice: balm, balm, balm), which when applied directly to your skin, not only heats but keeps on giving for hours afterward. Today we pulled up to the start line and you could see the snow line in the distance. Reminiscent of last year, where I re-strained my hamstring, I decided to apply a big dosage of Atomic Balm to my legs. It's 2 pm now - our race was at 8:30 - and they're still on Fire! If they're still burning by bedtime, I'll know I over did it. :)

Oh training races. They definitely have their purpose. They help you remember how to hurt and pound some intensity into your legs. As a team we did a great job sticking to our game plan - but it fell apart once the pace got crackin' and those early season peakers dialed up the pace and the attacks, destroying the weak. Honestly, as humbling as it is - I wouldn't have it any other way. Our peloton is stout - we have some serious NRC contenders. The attacks are constant and fierce and if you're not on your toes then OTB (off the back) you go.

Road racing has proven to be a real challenge for me so far this season. I keep telling myself it's March and I have to survive a LONG season - all the way into October. So it's ok if I'm not going fast right now. Really, it's ok. Thankfully I have other trackie teammates who are in the same boat and we have created a nice little support group. Having teammates who understand you and are there for you no matter what is invaluable. But I'll be damned if I'm satisfied with not giving it my all each and every time I hop on the saddle in my kit with numbers attached.

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Don't strain your milk.