Friday, February 29, 2008

Managing Fear

A small excerpt taken from "Thinking Body, Dancing Mind" written by Chungliang Al Huang and Jerry Lynch:

We often feel fear when we are overwhelmed by the enormity of a task we have undertaken. Whether climbing a rock, skiing a steep mountain, running a marathon, or performing in a triathlon, we fear we just might not make it all the way. Rather than looking ahead, try dividing the task into small, manageable segments. Can you climb another two feet up? Can you ski just to that tree? An Olympic marathoner once told me how frightened he was that he'd blow his lead and possibly not finish. Rather than dwell on that, he focused on running relaxed to the next mile while holding the lead. He did this for each of the last four miles, and to his surprise, he finished with energy to spare. Looking at the whole picture can be a frightening experience. Taking one step at a time reduces your fear as you relax into the shortened task.

Well said, well said.

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