Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Tonight kicked off the first true intervals of the season. I think it's now safe to say I have entered into the realm of pain for the season - although tonight was a cake walk compared to the months to come. I say that because I'm new and fresh to the pain of interval work - after a nice long oasis from them. As I spun higher and higher rpm's, I reveled at the fact I can and have pushed so much harder to go so much faster in the peak of the season. And I just need to remind myself, I'm slowly approaching that glorious time of gut wrenching pursuit work and putting it all out there - something I feel passionate about.

To reward myself - I'm spending time in the kitchen, slowly cooking one of my favorite treats - caramelized onions. For some reason, I've been keeping it secret from my blog readers that I've spent more and more off time in the kitchen - delicately preparing savory foods and enjoying every blissful moment on my feet in the kitchen. Ryan calls me domestic - but I don't take offense. Home baked granola, fresh pasta, slow marinated tomato sauces, soups, slow cooked pulled pork, the list goes on. I'm starting to find it harder and harder to settle for anything less then the best when it comes to food - especially dining out. Thankfully we both exercise our brains out and we're rewarded by performance - you are what you eat, right? I'm sure as soon as race season settles in, I'll find less time to spend in the kitchen, but hopefully won't compromise the goods and whole foods I'm putting in.

Anyways - sorry to get off subject. All I really meant to say was intervals started tonight and felt good.:)

A friend of mine is starting a new site - and I'll be posting to it shortly.... more to come on that later.

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