Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tired legs, fatigue sets in - yep, we're headed home

Wow - what a weekend. Yesterday topped it off with blue skies and still some powder to be found on Vail's back bowls. I tallied 4 face plants but Ryan took the cake with a two flip end-o as he attempted to jump a cliff for the 4th time that day. Camille and I had gone the super speedy groomer route - waiting for the boys down at the lift. Only to see Ryan come around the corner disheveled and covered in snow. Hopefully Josh caught it all on camera - we'll find out after a quick download. ;)

We also treated ourselves to a nice dinner last night at Golden Eagle in Beaver Creek. Yummy game and tantalizing sides - I had the duck and Ryan had an Elk loin. Topped off with a nice bottle of wine - good company and great service. What a perfect day.

Tomorrow is back to reality - with race season starting in a few short weeks. I had a crazy dream last night. I imagined I was at a race and not even close to being ready. My tires still needed to be pumped, my water bottles needed to be filled - but miraculously I pulled it off and was at the start line without a hick up. Maybe I'm questioning if I'll be ready for the season? One thing's for sure though - I'm not injured and ready to give it my all.

Ryan's calling for me to help pack the skis - more soon...

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