Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picture UPdate

Sorry for the delay - here's some photos of the travels we've had the past couple weeks.

Makiah snuggled up in the -11 degree temps at our cabin in Mazama a few weeks ago.

Goat Wall that we skinned up to get a killer run in before skate skiing. Makiah made the trek too!

The view from Goat Wall looking West up the Methow Valley.

Our cabin buried under a shit load of snow.

We had to dig out a spot to park the golf - they only plow the road. Tight squeeze!

The best run Heavenly had to offer - the Fire Break Run which dropped about 2,000 vertical feet.

And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Mullet Man with cool jeans and Mrs. Camel Toe. Unfortunately we were already on the bus before we realized we just had to take their picture. :)

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