Monday, February 25, 2008

That's a hilly chilly!

Participated in the 36th Annual Chilly Hilly ride yesterday, along with 4,000 other biking enthusiasts. I woke up early - 6:30 (on a Sunday!) to make the early ferry, along with 1,550 other bikers. Half way up Dexter, I realized I forgot my bib number. I got in a little TT practice and huffed it back home, then back up Dexter cruising right on the ferry. Phew! It was packed!

I met up with my friends Emily and Kristin and we ventured along Bainbridge Island with weaving and unpredictable spandex clad crowds. It was fun being part of such a huge event. I met some man who flew all the way from San Diego to be a part of Chilly Hilly. Even some dude from Europe showed up.

You'd be riding along, turn a corner and see a sea of neon with weaving cyclists trying every way to get up the hill. Some people would be whistling as they cruised up in their granny gear, others huffing and puffing and some just giving up and walking.
On every hill - I saw at least 4 pulled chains, 2 women walking their bikes, and a slow moving tandem moving slow and steady up steep gradients. Children lined the route selling baked goods and bottled water to the thousands of bikers cruising the streets. I stopped at one - at the crest of Baker Hill and chatted with them for a little while as I waited for my friends to join me.

The sun even popped out at the end of the ride - making it less Chilly.

I got home in time to take my nephew Coleman on a walk into Fremont and cruise by tons of early spring flowers.

It took us a while to get to Fremont not only because we stopped to smell the flowers along the way, but also because little Coleman doesn't like to hurry at all. It was great spending time with him.

We even stood under the rocket.

And then Uncle Ryan joined us and we walked the rest of the way home - tuckering out not only Coleman but Makiah too. Makiah is probably still fast asleep on the couch as we speak. :)

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