Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fumble Fingers

Decided to cook up "the world's best lasagna" tonight for dinner. After browning the meat I drained the fat from the bottom of the skillet into a precariously perched glass jar. One wrong move sent boiling fat all over the stove, dripping down onto the floor and much to Makiah's delight, saturating my just cleaned kitchen floor. She's still licking the stove as we speak - I need to do a little better clean job.

Apparently my little TT bike jaunt took a little more out of me than I had anticipated. Speaking of which - I ran into a rare occurrence - 8 Byrne ladies in full kit strutting their stuff through the UW area. According to inside sources they've been training together a lot this year - which means great competition in the peloton!

I was gently reminded today it's been since ... October?! Since I've been in the aero position and put some time in the Adamo saddle. Thank goodness I gave it a dry run today versus Sunday. I love to TT though - getting in the zone and pushing your body to the limits produces an amazing natural high. It hurts so good. :)


Brian said...

1. that saddle looks... interesting.

2. that saddle looks... painful

3. that saddle looks... like a prop on a Star Wars film circa 1976

Juicey said...

Yes, it does look strange. But after trying dozens of other saddles, I found it works for me. Especially during grueling TT work. I wouldn't recommend it for any other purpose though.