Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting wound up....

Every year it seems like the race season can't start soon enough. The lucky Californians start their short sleeve and short action long before us PNW can even think about shedding all of our layers. Early season races show who's on form and did their homework and extra credit over the winter. Take Brooke Miller for example. She moved to Ohio, the land of the frozen, trained her ass off despite the sub freezing temps and shipped off to Cali only to start sweeping some sweet winter wins. An inspiration for sure - but is making me anxious to test my winter dedication. But for me it's only a test - I look forward to the warmer spring and summer temps to really demonstrate my ability. That competitive side sure rears its head when you start viewing pics and seeing the passion that lives on cyclists faces - they're already enjoying what I love!

With my last downhill adventure unfortunately out of the way - I'm ready to take on the cycling season with gusto. I feel amazing - physically and more so mentally than I have since I started racing. Last year's injury taught me so much and I'm ready to apply my honed skills to reality. Good times, good times.

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Brian said...

Obviously you haven't seen the ToC video feed today. They are getting DUMPED on.

Love it!