Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slippers?! In February?!!

Today was one of those picture perfect early spring/late winter days with warmer temps and cloudless blue skies. But does 50 degrees really warrant shorts and flip flops? Not one, not two, but three people walking at dusk with bare feet? Brrr!

But I would trade freezing my tootsies off any time for another day like today! Everyone and their mother were out enjoying the sunshine today. I met the girls down at Leschi for a late morning ride and we pedaled until the mid-afternoon. Amazing!

Ryan headed up to Index and did 7 pitches with some friends. Hopefully you were able to get outside and at least soak up a little bit of sunshine today!

Tomorrow I brave Chilly Hilly - and as long as it doesn't rain - I'll be snapping some sweet photos of the various enthusiasts I meet along the way. :0

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Gilby said...

It hit 31 here in MN yesterday--nice to ride without a balaclava. Mall shoppers were wearing flip flops and joggers were wearing shorts. After 4 months of ice & snow and the coldest February in 14 years, I guess we're getting a antsy for spring!