Wednesday, May 02, 2007


In to each life a little drama must fall.

Remember four months ago over Christmas our basement flooded? We had to deal with the moving company, the construction company, the water damage people, etc etc.

Well Monday night after we had a yummy dinner for George, Jaimie, Coleman, Ellie, Mom and Marcy, I came downstairs to check on the laundry and discovered some sewage backup in our utility sink. LAME!

We thought maybe it was because our sump pump wasn't plugged in, so we plugged it in and then all this shit brown water started spewing out of the sink. Nnnnnaaaassssttttyyyyy! (Several years ago we had sewage back up in our apartment on State Street in Bellingham - the owners had to spend quite a pretty penny dredging out the sewer line and drying out our place. So at least we knew not to panic and who to call - Roto Rooter.)

The plumbers showed up in the morning and around 1:30 had the problem fixed. Apparently some roots had grown into our sewer line and partially blocked the line causing the backup. $650.00 later - we can poo all the bean burritos we want now!

My bro was in town and brought his enormous-shouldn't-be-street-legal-monster-truck diesel engine that sounds like a tractor. Not the best thing to use in the city. He fell in love with my moto and has been eager to just look at it. (Ryan and I give him a month until he gets one.) He and Coleman helped me do a dump run and we finally got rid of the dryer that's been in our garage for 6 years and the rusted out water heater. Yay!

But the real reason I blog - and what you've all been waiting for ... my training. Yesterday I was able to do a double day despite the poo. Morning intervals that felt solid (2x3x6 min, Z4, 1:0.8) and then SIR last night. The leg felt great! I'm attempting to jump start my fitness back into some sort of form to be able to hang with the ladies the entire race. I give it about a month - and should hopefully be back to where I was.

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