Friday, May 04, 2007

Ladies night

Last night, about 12 brave souls braved the looming thunderclouds and chilly-it-feels-like-October weather for this season's first ladies night training out at the track. I was happy we had such a big turnout - and hope we are able to get more ladies out there to grow the fields and skill levels. Only a couple ladies were brand spankin' new to the sport - which is good. And in one instance, I could tell a woman was overwhelmed by the training session. The ladies night is meant to be the least intimidating of all - and we had a good mix of people who can go fast and others who are learning to go fast. All that's required is a positive attitude and the willingness to jump outside of your comfort zone for 1.5 hours.

After a nice warm up we did some team pursuit work, which I think I might avoid next time. Although fun, it's best to do it when you're going fast to really feel the transitions. Maybe in the future we can incorporate a moto. Then we did some jumps. Jane and I demo'd - 2 laps and then a flying effort out of corner 4. We both ran baby gears 48x16 - which is super easy to spin out. Jane let out this rebel yell when we launched - that girl cracks me up! Then the ladies had a go - one group at a time and I think it would be good to spend a little time breaking down the sprint.

Intervals yesterday morning went well. By the 9th one I was pretty pooped. This weekend is our State Road Race. I hear the course is hilly - and we do a loop several times. We'll see how my fitness is progressing!

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