Monday, May 28, 2007

Ski to Sea

Wow - what a weekend.

Saturday morning Ryan and I woke up and headed out to Lil' Si on our motos so he could get some climbing in. I got a call from Izette right before we left telling me to chill out during Ski to Sea and not injure myself for that race.

We got to the Ham that night and met up with our team at Brian's house. Here's a run down of our team and all the legs:

XCountry Skiing - Cam and Roanne flew in from SLC for this leg. Cam skated all winter and did some races - he completed the course in 33 minutes (unofficially).

Downhill - Brian. Consists of a monster hike and then short downhill ski. Brian rocked it in 29 minutes.

Running - Steve. 8 miles of down hill concrete running from the ski resort to the DOT station. He rocked it in 49 minutes. And lost a toe nail too!

Road riding - me. 38 miles of downhill, flat and rolling section. Not sure how I finished but when I rolled in we were 47th overall. (432 teams started.)

Canoe - Ryan and Andrew. 18 miles on the river from Everson to Ferndale. Despite not having a racing canoe - they did fantastic. In fact the only people who passed them were racing kevlar canoes. Apparently we're looking into renting a canoe for next year today. :)

Mountain Biker - Evan. 9 miles of flat but difficult sandy pit at the end. Our mtb admitted to not doing a complete safety check on his bike before his voyage - and had to adjust his seat mid way through the ride.

Kayak - Sam. 5 miles in windy conditions. Badass because he not only did well at the last portion he also raced the road bike section for another team. He was originally going to ride from Everson down to Bellingham Bay to kayak but when we heard that we made sure he had a ride. He showed up later to our post race BBQ and road up the steep hill. Animal. Cam and Ryan both think Sam will have the mother of all birthday challenges.

So some added factors - we woke up to some wet conditions and the rain continued to pour down on us up until I handed off to Ryan and Andrew. Then the skies parted and sun came out - it was awesome! All in all a fabulous weekend - and the hammy feels great! My neck is sore from being tucked in an aero position. Cam and I both laughed yesterday - in that if you didn't think what you were doing was nuts at least once yesterday then you probably weren't going hard enough. :)

We're all signing up for next year.

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