Sunday, May 06, 2007


Have you ever had lactic acid build up so much in your legs that they feel like they're going to explode? They felt like they weighed 200 pounds a piece. Have you ever climbing something out of the saddle where if the pitch increased anymore than you would have to more than likely walk your bike? Well that was today's race for me today. But the good news - my cardio is okay and now it's just getting my racing legs back. The hammy survived without incident a super hilly road course today and I'm extremely happy with that.

I probably should start working on the mental aspect again - now that I'm getting closer to being where I was before my injury. Amara took some photos today - hopefully she got some of my pain face somewhere in the mix.

Wines won again - they sure are dominating the field this year. But crit season is almost upon us. Yay.


stokediam said...

You are so smooth on the bike and you have such a great race face--there sure was no sign you were suffering (unlike the rest of us, wheezing and flailing our way along)....and then you were gone.

Jimmy said...

hey, a teammate told me the advice he got for collegiate nationals. a wise friend of his told him, "Don't detonate." Pretty funny.

I can't wait for track to start. Hopefully we will make it up for some more racing than just the FSA race. Are you coming to the alpenrose challenge again?