Thursday, May 17, 2007

Perspective is everything.

Thank you Danielle for your words of encouragement - it means a lot to me. And thank you to everyone who asks, "how's the hammy?" Often I feel like I'm on a broken record - but it's helpful to talk about it - so thanks.

LeMond dropped a bombshell today at the Landis trial. All I can say is holy shit hit the fan. Some worlds just came crashing down. It's funny how LeMond stays involved with pro cycling after this many years and has such a connection to current events. Interesting, very interesting.

I started working in the yard yesterday to blow off some steam. I pulled up all of our stepping stones, weeded the entire backyard and got it ready for some tilling. The plan is to rent a tiller and then go to town in prep for some new grass. I also hired an arbor.

Then today I got a little antsy while waiting for track class to start (don't worry - I'm teaching it from the infield) and went to town on the south facing wall. I pulled up these crazy purple plants with an extensive root system. Tomorrow morning I'm going to keep going and get all of the roots up. It's hard work - but very rewarding. My garden should be stellar this year.

Ryan heads to SLC to climb with Cam this weekend. We're hosting our annual MOE race - hope you all can make it. The new road course should be fun. I'm also looking into motoref while I'm taking some time off.

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