Monday, May 14, 2007


My hammy was acting up after Thursday night's track session. Apparently my leg isn't ready for the full blown intensity I'd like it to be at - so it zinged at me mid session when I was doing some jumps. Moron! I knew better - so why did I continue to test the waters with tired legs?

I signed up for Wenatchee last minute - actually I didn't sign up at all until I got there Friday night. At which point I only registered for the time trial just to make sure I wasn't locked into spending additional money on my picky hammy. I warmed up for the TT with the Starbucks ladies who were mentioned there was a serious headwind coming back on the course and it was hard to maintain 12 mph. I told myself if I felt any tightness at all - I would back it off.

Lining up at the start line I felt good - and flew out to the turn around point. I passed my 30 second person in mile 2. There were times when I thought I should probably slow down - for fear of losing control of my bike. As soon as I hit the turn around point I hit the wall. A solid wall of wind that is. My hammy was still feeling alright - up until about mile 6. And then I started backing it off. By the time I rolled through the finish line I was at 80% and completely frustrated. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can throttle it and not think about my hammy at all. I know it's coming - but it seemed like a set back this weekend. In reality though I've come a far way and my fitness is starting to improve. I ended up 9th in the TT - out of 30 ladies. Not too shabby but I can't wait to display my engine running at full speed to see where I stand.

Back to mental training I suppose.

Nice work to the Ti Ladies this weekend! Allison won the TT and the RR. She rules!

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