Thursday, May 31, 2007

Car Accident

My mom and I headed down to Milton yesterday to do a property inspection. We were just past where the West Seattle bridge connects into I-5 Southbound, when a Red Ford Ranger started spinning uncontrollably in front of us. My mom saw him first and already started to slow down, while he spun into our carpool lane and slammed into the wall. We stopped within 2 feet from hitting him when the cabby behind us slammed into us and rammed us into the truck. The (pardon my french) mother f-cker was tailgating us and talking on his cell phone with a passenger in the backseat. Had he given us enough room we all would have avoided colliding. To make matters even scarier - a fuel tanker clipped the truck when he lost control of his vehicle.

Luckily everyone walked away from the scene and I have a little whip lash and seat belt strap bruising. How freaky is that? So far no lingering injuries have come to surface - but sometimes it takes a few days for things to settle.

On a side note - I went to the doc yesterday to get some XRays done and should know soon why I'm having this tingling sensation.

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