Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1st time out

Ahhh the Bumpy Burke. Everyone loves it. It's the gateway to Seattle recreation. Chances are if you live in the Puget Sound then you've used this trail. I only need to ride 2 blocks before I enter the Spandex Highway. I often take the trail for granted - or complain about it's bumpiness. But in reality - if it weren't for this trail who knows how much inner city riding I would do. And who knows how many near car incidents I have avoided by simply riding the Burke.

Yesterday I was reunited with the trail for the first time in a week. A week you say? Well for a neurotic cyclist a week without the bike is worse than watching paint peel. But now I'm on the slow path to recovery. And I get to ride slow - smelling the spring unfold into summer. Feel the cool breeze of the shady parts of the trail envelope my skin and send goosebumps down my arms.

It felt amazing to be outside yesterday. And I get to repeat the experience again today.

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