Friday, May 11, 2007

Keeping busy

And then some. Monday I rested, Tuesday I had a double day with intervals on Magnolia in the morning and the SIR racing in the evening. I actually sprinted for the first time in awhile and felt some speed returning to my legs. But talk about being tired afterward. I came home and barely had any energy to get into bed and take my clothes off. Wednesday I spun the legs out with a Z3 25 minute interval at the end and was tired. And then yesterday, with very tired legs, I went to track practice and did some jumps. Idiot! Now my hammy is tired and cranky. Oh well.

Headed to Wenatchee for the weekend - opting out of the road race though to give my hammy some relief.

Check out this amazing photo my sis took of Makiah. She's such a sweet fury little thing.

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