Thursday, May 31, 2007

1st Pursuit of the season

All I can say is thank goodness that one's in the bag. For some strange reason I had forgotten how hard those are - especially when you don't have any top end fitness. I ran a 50x15 - and at times felt a little spun out. My time was slow - 4:26:40 - but I'm giving myself a break for being injured for so long and unable to properly train.

I got the butterflies tonight thinking about Nationals in October. It felt like I was able to do some good work tonight and have a starting block to go from. I love track. There's something about being outdoors - pedaling in perfect circles and turning left. It feels amazing.

Great news - the hammy survived my first standing start of the season. YAY! And that was a lot of force jammed onto the pedals. I look forward to doing more. Tomorrow night - first night of the Friday night race season. Fun times. :)

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