Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday Night Action

I almost called off racing last night - but with a little peer pressure and determination, I made my first track appearance of the season and it felt really really good. No hammy issues. No back issues - just pure track bliss. Yay!

There's a new crop of Cat 3 men - so it was interesting to see who's going strong so far. That plays a huge part on where to hang during moves. Pick the wrong wheel, as I did on several occasions and get your ass dropped from the fast guys. I learned though - next week will be a whole new scene. Bring it fellas. :)

Spent some time in the yard - as usual. I discovered a hummingbird nest in our curly willow. I thought it was a bees nest at first until I shook it and a bird flew out.

The weather was amazing today. It makes dealing with the rain a small consulation compared to the beauty of the PNW. Time to hit the BBQ up...

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