Sunday, June 17, 2007

Restin' up

The drive over to the Methow Valley took us 7 hours on Friday. For some reason traffic was insane - and even the usually deserted back roads were flooded with weekenders all trying to escape the city at the same time. Makiah and Yatzee were nestled together in the back seat - and even they started getting testy with one another at the fifth hour. Luckily the cabin we were staying at allowed dogs and there was as many dogs as people hanging out this weekend. We're all pretty funny with our pets. And every single one of our friends are dog lovers. Even Pee Pee made it (sorry PePe but you peed in my house one too many times to have that nickname wear off).

Thankfully the drive was awash in lush early spring greens - making for striking and jaw dropping contrasts between the mountain peaks and meadows along highway 20. I recommend driving highway 20 to anyone that ever visits this planet - it is seriously one of the most beautiful roads in the world, if not the prettiest. Even better if you can bike it.

We rolled into the Mazama Country Store around 10 pm and immediately inhaled the clean pine fresh air. I wish I could bottle it. It smells so amazing. That in itself is worth the long ass drive. (It normally should take 3.5 hours.) My only regret - our weekend was too short.

We spent the weekend in a nice cabin with 15 friends and one incredible baby who never cries, Sophie. They're mostly Ryan's climbing buddies who were a little disappointed to hear I wasn't racing so they couldn't get drunk and heckle me in the crit. :) Instead, Melinda, Josh and I hiked to the Goat Mountain Overlook on Saturday and had an amazing panorama view from 7,000 feet. The view was breath taking - literally. Having this short break from the bike made me super antsy to get back to it. We got home early because Melinda's dog, Yatzee is 12 and her health and agility is starting to fail her. She wouldn't have made it the 30 minutes up to the crag without an airlift so Melinda and I headed back early.

I spent quite a bit of time tonight booking flights and getting my logistics down for the busy track month of July. I'm packing in more traveling in that one month than the entire season so far. I'm super excited and really stoked about resting and healing up this past weekend in anticipation of hitting things hard and steady from here on out.

4 different velodromes in July, with only one being a new track to me. That makes me grin from ear to ear.

I'm really looking forward to what's in store for the next few months race wise. It seems all of my patience and waiting out this hamstring issue is going to pay off. It makes me want it that much more and I can't wait to express my eagerness.

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