Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rolling on the track

Did my first Tuesday night Fast Track session last night and felt great. It's really awesome to have a teammate and workout buddy there to help you through some difficult training sessions. Annette and I both started warming up in a 81-82" gear with Woody's group. They start the session with a paceline - 10 at 20, 10 at 23, 5 at 25 and 5 at 28. The follow that paceline with a quicker one - 10 at 23, 10 at 25, 5 at 28 and lastly 5 at 30. I opted out of the second one to do another slower warmup with ladies - especially since I joined the second one late.

My hammy is feeling better - and I was able to do the entire workout without flinching or thinking about it. We started with 3 6 lap full out efforts. Annette was the rabbit for the first one, which was easier because you saw how to pace yourself. We switched positions for the second - it's such a mental challenge being in front and maintaining 26mph solo. Then the last effort we switched off lead positions - and increased our speed to 27. The last couple laps were leg breaking - I'm stoked with both finished them.

Next on the agenda - 3x 1 lap rolling all out efforts. We started them at 14mph and then stood up to sprint and get on top of the gear. Those kind of efforts make you realize just how long Marymoor is. I toped out around 31mph. Annette was the rabbit again for the first and last effort - I was her rabbit for the second one. I put so much effort into the last one I swear I felt fuzzy - a little lightheaded and talk about an endorphine high (apparently the dictionary doesn't like my version of that word - and I swear it's a word. You know, the runner high you get?)!

Now I'm slowly waking up and sipping my green tea. It's been 10 days since I gave up coffee and my body is starting to feel better.

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