Thursday, June 21, 2007


Git R' Done.

Or at least trying to. You know how sometimes you have all those little lose ends you've been meaning to wrap up for days/weeks/months now? Well I finally ticked some of those off my list. Yippee.

I'm trying to get the MVA website updated with some new content and it's slowly coming together. I'm also trying to get my talented photographic sister involved to take some new photos for the website. It would be awesome to get her involved. She has a great eye for design and taking photos.

Ryan's been working on the back end of the site and frantically trying to get the results page up and running. Hopefully we'll post something today.

I'm nailing down a delinquent tenant who owes some back rent. The sneaky little bugger. He's going to have quite a little wake up call when he sees his new lease.

Oh - and I almost forgot! There's this guy who walks his Jack Russell in front of our buildings every day. He's missing a few bolts in the old tool box, if you know what I'm saying. The dog is always super hyped up and the owner always yells loudly, "LEO! LEO!" Yip yip yip! And Leo does a back flip or two. Well yesterday Leo and his owner were out walking along the trail and this poor female roller bladder was just riding down the trail, minding her own business, when suddenly you hear LEO LEO LEO! Bad dog! The little monster attacked the woman biting at her ankles, sending her down hard on the concrete. Apparently Leo was off leash and the owner was on his cell phone. My mom and I both caught the action - and were glad to see the woman roll away. I saw Leo again this morning on my way into work - thankfully strapped to his owner. Bad Leo, bad.

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