Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pushing Limits

Today I got close to my limit and tried pushing it higher. Budog brought his moto out to the track and we did a nice steady warm up in a 50x16. Then I upped my gear to 51x15 and did some points race simulation. I'm getting better at the sling shot and coming around the motor but still have a ways to go. We also did a burnout and averaged 31 for the final few laps. I was pretty cooked for our final effort - and managed only half of what we could do. I'm working on relaxing my upper body completely and letting all of the energy flow down into my legs. Somedays it's easy, some days it isn't. Today was border line between the two. Like I said, I got to my limit and tried pushing it higher. Maybe next time my limit will be even higher.

I am a position master.

KW also noticed my tiny crank arms. Funny, I run a 165 on my track bike. It's what came with the bike and no one told me I should bother with changing it. Maybe that's why when I hit a high RPM my heart feels like it's going to explode. With 5mm on each side of the crank, I might be able to really lever myself a little better. We'll see how that goes.

I'm on the hunt for a single speed for the road. If you have an old frame in a 54-56 let me know.


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Heather said...

North Bend is gorgeous! I got a warm fuzzy just reading your account. I also got stung by a bee last Sunday- on my finger- jerk.