Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm re-living my boxing days.

Yesterday I woke up with a super sore puffy eye. You know the type that blurs your vision and makes you feel like you had an injection of Botox gone bad? Some sick part of me wants to be able to say I got into a fight - or that I'm suing my plastic surgeon for the horrible condition he put me in.

Here I thought I'd look super cool wearing my movie star sunglasses down the bumpy burke. Karma! Just past Mathews beach a bee flew into my enormous glasses and stung me on my left check bone. I'm mildly allergic - and carry any epi pen. But the risk of dying did not outweigh turning around and going home. Not to mention jabbing myself in the quad with an epi pen. (That leaves your quad sore for a week!) I did a body check - breathing, fine. Limbs, fine. Check bone? Sore. Ah - brush it off. That's nothing like Angel Bolee's right cross. Your not bleeding or have a concussion. You and your sunglasses just took one for the team. I'll save the jabbing for next time one flies in my mouth. I continued my ride.

Speaking of which - paranoid I'd have another bee fly in my mouth I spun home breathing solely through my nose. That'll make sure you stay in Zone 2.

I woke up Thursday with a HUGE swollen eye. And the funny thing? The swelling didn't go down all day. I took antihistamines like they were candy. Still - nothing. Oh well. Day two and I still slightly resemble Shrek. Sweet. Now why can't a bee sting me where it matters? Like my booty or something.

Oh and check this out - hilarious!!!

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Lego said...

I did not think you needed help with your bootie :P

Hope you feel better soon!