Sunday, April 29, 2007

I LOVE cycling

Cycling is so dynamic. It's never the same - it is always changing. I love the challenge of not being able to predict outcomes - only taking what you think is an educated guess at best at something. Seeing if that works, trying it again in another scenario, failing and then trying again.

I love that there are so many ways to give back to the sport. From waving to the daily commuter, smiling and making someone's day, to pushing my competition to be the best they can be. From getting involved with grassroots projects to being one less car on the road.

Today's race was a nicely baked and brought to room temp humble pie. Luckily I didn't set any expectations on myself for todays race - other than just finishing it. And guess what, finish it I did! DFL. But for those fleeting moments when I was in the pack spinning my crank and putting power to the rear wheel - it felt amazing. It inspired me to get back in shape, as quickly as my hamstring will allow, and get back to the level I want to play at. My inner voice, for the most part, was positive. The sun was shining - Elma is one of my favorite courses - and I am on my way back. So what DFL? I am so very proud I was able to finish my first 2007 road race without injuring myself. That in itself makes me smile.

Plus it was very encouraging to have a million hellos and nice to see you backs. Thanks friends - I appreciate it. You're another reason why I love this sport.

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