Friday, April 27, 2007

First race of the season

Well, that's not entirely true. There were those two races in March that were pretty much pathetic displays of my hamstring injury. Both resulted in me pulling myself out of the race and the last of which making me realize the best medicine for an ailing hamstring is just to take time off the bike. I sought out a new PT for another opinion, got a motorcycle endorsement and worked on our basement. It took some time to get over the initial shock of not being able to do what you've been training for and investing your time in for the past three years - I'd say about a month of mourning. But then the skies parted, I realized only I could help myself heal better with positive thinking and viola! My hammy started feeling better and I started seeing some serious improvement. A new bike fit for my entire fleet, several trips to the dump (basement stuff), several 4+ hour mountain bike rides at Gallbreth, and about 200 miles on my rally machine - and I think I'm ready. This weekend, I'm headed to Elma despite rain or shine for one of my favorite bike race courses. In my head, as always, I have thoughts of winning the race with a breakaway move. But in reality, I'll be thankful if I can finish the race without any hamstring discomfort. Notice I said hamstring discomfort, not just discomfort. It's been way too long since I put in that sort of intensity so I know it's going to be a mind, leg and lung expander. But I welcome it with open arms!

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