Saturday, April 28, 2007

I cannot believe track season is just around the corner. I spent a good 6 hours out at Marymoor today helping Hyun with a class and got to do some efforts. I did one flying lap effort that sent my lungs into serious shock. I had forgotten how painful it is those first few times rolling on the track - talk about track hack!

I ran into my neighbor this afternoon. He was eating a Mango and soaking up the sun. We've only just waved in passing and never really said much more than that. Jo, my other neighbor, mentioned Charlie was a serious gardener. We have this greenhouse in our backyard that we barely use and it has collected a bunch of random things - weed killers, cat shit, turf, branches from the last wind storm, etc. My little bit of use really doesn't do it justice. The previous owner had it all rigged up with lights, growing tables, etc. I would much rather see it being put to use rather than collect spider webs - so today I spent some time cleaning it out and then offered it to Charlie to use as well. You should've seen his eyes light up - he couldn't believe that we had a green house. Well have at it my friend - just teach me a trick or two while you're at it!

Resting up for tomorrow's big adventure....

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