Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back on track... well sort of

Yesterday was a slow reminder that I'm not back to where I was and still have some time to put in the saddle before any serious efforts. I felt so good after Tuesday's double day that it was nearly painful when I couldn't put the energy or wattage into the short rollers out and around Mercer Island. Poor Ryan was rarring to go - he's an off the couch kick your ass kind of athlete and his engine was ready to go. But he had to wait patiently for his slow wifey poo. My slow days are numbered though.

We ran into Chris after going through the curveys and chatted with him for awhile. He made a comment that it was almost painful to see me this way because he knows how fast I was. Oh well - like I said, my slow days are numbered.

Speaking of injuries - poor Tyler Farrar and his broken knee cap. Those cobbles sound vicious! May he have a quick and speedy recovery.

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