Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Last time I checked, today is Halloween.

Yet when I wore my fish head costume into work - riding my bike over Fremont bridge, waiting for the bridge to go up and down, waiting at the light on the Queen Anne side that takes FOREVER - only one lonely person honked and yelled. Where's the spirit? Does it only come out at night?

Saturday night Ryan and I were treated like rock stars. Today - nothing. Maybe it works better when there are two loonies out and not just one.

But that's not going to stop me. Maybe next time I'll go naked with just my fish head on. Surely I'll get some honks then.

On a serious note - today I do power testing up Cougar. The pain and hard core dedication begins today. Fun times!!!! I'd do it with my fish head on but the head wind in the tail would prevent me from swimming upstream as quickly as possible. Make sure you honk if you see a fish head riding around today. It'll make their day.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today was Chil-ly! It's supposed to get down to freezing on Monday night - and I-90 has closed the mountain pass to vehicles due to inclement weather. Crazy! And to think last night it was dry as a bone and Ryan and I wandered the streets of Fremont and Ballard with fish heads on. It was awesome. I love getting into Halloween. We went to a couple of parties and saw some excellent costumes. Fun times! This morning I woke up a little groggy though and pooped - so I ended up spinning on the rollers inside. Shame shame. But you have to have fun every now and then. :)

Team wise - I decided to go with TiCycles. We are hoping to have a regional sponsorship where several riders can go to the bigger NRC races of the season and represent. I'm stoked - especially considering we'll be able to train together and work toward a common goal all season. Saweet.

Back to lounging....

Friday, October 27, 2006

The obsession

I think I'm a blogger junky. I seriously check blogger before what's happening in the world around me - before eatting breakfast, before heading out for my ride, before making my bed. I'm obsessed. I'm the reason your visitor counter jumps high every day - I return over and over again just to make sure I don't miss anything. It's like getting a present when people write in them. Some people go to forums where they can have discussions and dialoge - I go to blogger. Sad, I know. But someone's got to do it.

Now if I can just slowly ease myself off of blogger I'll be good.

Training news - the new off season hasn't started yet. I'm still in the maintenance phase. It's nice not actively working for something on the bike - but I'm ready to get back to it. Miller and I talked and my first goal is project 110%. That means I'm going to raise my overall power in my zones by 10% of what my highest outputs from last season. And I'm not going to stop until I get there. The actual hours on the bike will decrease this winter, but my quality is going to spike and I'll be crying home to Bubba more. Fun times - you'll all get to share them with me. :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Having a life!

I'm beginning to really love October and it's nearly over. The weather is a little chillier but the days are still somewhat long. But most importantly - I'm just riding to ride and maintain some fitness - not training to increase my fitness. Actually that begins next week. :)

Team wise - a couple of options are opening up for me in the near future. More on that later....

Monday, October 23, 2006

Team News...

I just got the word today that Tamarack will not be funding a women's road team next season. Bummer.

I have sent a couple of inquiries out to various teams but know that what will happen will happen. Miller thinks I should just fly solo for the season and get some results. Even if nothing pans out I'm doing what I love and am paying for it anyway.

So the question is - do I join something locally or do I just venture on it solo?

Hmmmm.... decisions decisions.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogger blogger blo blogger

Sorry blogland - I actually took some time off the bike both mentally and physically and am just now easing back into it. I almost stopped riding altogether the other day. You know the lead weight feeling you get where you don't think you can turn the pedals over even if you wanted to? Luckily Ryan was there to talk me out of throwing my bike into the canal and just calling it quits. Thank goodness I'm not training for a world cup right now. My mental attitude was in the dumps! But we all go through it - and always come out on the other side. In fact, I picked myself up, dusted off and am good to go.

Ryan and I are looking at property over in Methow Valley. We took a day trip yesterday to Mazama and met with an agent. She showed us some "rustic" cabin and also an A frame that had some seriously sweet vintage lamps in it. And then she showed us this amazing new green construction that would be totally awesome. Too bad it's 299 k - way out of our price range for a recreation property. But who knows, maybe we'll end up getting something similar. The drive over and home was awesome - it's absolutely beautiful out in the Northwest.

I have a serious craving for Bran Muffins.. gotta go.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

drizzle on my shizzle-nizzle

I too join the hundreds of cyclists in the Northwest that are making it back to the gym for the first time since last winter. Luckily I knew not to add any weight but am working on getting my joints prepped for later season mud slinging contests. Well apparently using the bar was a little too much. Or rather I did a psuedo squat and now am in a little pain in the lower back. Just goes to show I need to strengthen my core and lower back. Yowsa.

Last night we had our first Tuesday night ride - it was fun. About 8 people showed up and we all had lights. Super fun! Today the rain's back....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back into the mode....

LONG travel day home - we were dealing with customs, flying and long lines for about 9 straight hours on Sunday. But it was all worth it the moment my skin hit the sheets. Slept like a baby.

I've been gathering my thoughts about the upcoming season - ways to tackle my lofty goals and getting all my ducks lined up in a row, so to speak. My number one goal next year: Aggressive. Time to put the hurt on. But that in turn means to put the hurt on myself in order to reach my goal. I'm putting more focus on LT this year than before because I need to start winning some stinking races!

I reluctantly re-joined the gym down the street. They changed their dues recently and upped the price - but it's super close and I'll actually go. Plus there's that added motivation considering I'm paying for it month after month. I'm going to try and incorporate weights throughout the entire season, not just in the fall. And they have yoga and spinning classes.

Training log - why did I stop keeping one? What was I thinking? Time to jot down everything including my resting HR each AM.

Diet - limited sweets and no beer. This is going to be hard. But I've done it before - so I can try it again. ;) Ryan has been bringing home some tastey IPA's and Belgiums.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Killin' time in Toronto...

Ryan and I have spent the last 5 days in the area - mainly relaxing and taking in the fall colours. We arrived on Monday and stayed at Roanne's parents house for a couple of nights before being booted out to make room for their English relatives. No worries as we headed up north to check out another Great Lake and help Cam celebrate Send Fest 2006. Unfortunately the day we ventured to this really cool crag called Rockwood a serious down pour started. Luckily the rock was over hanging but the climbs themselves were too steep for me. Ryan styled it despite hurt fingers. He's been itching to exercise since we left Seattle.

The following day, Thursday we headed Old Baldie near Kimberly, a small country town with some amazing rock bands. It was CHILLY that morning - with highs in the upper 30's. The fellas jumped on the rock and it started snowing! Talk about cold!!! They kept climbing though despite the weather and I huddled underneath a down sleeping bag. It was the first snow of the year and temps are still super cold.

Tonight Ry and I headed to Mississauga Ice Dogs to watch a hockey game. It's fun experiencing hockey games with Ryan because it was such a huge part of his life when he was younger. I think he's going to rejoin the Tuesday night hockey league once we get home.

Speaking of which - I'm really looking forward to getting home and putting some miles in! This low key lifestyle has got to go!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

new year

Well it's the end of the season and almost the beginning of a new training one. With that being said, I'm already starting to think about goals for the next one. Here are some of my new season resolutions...

1. Yoga sessions 2-3 times per week in the off season, once a week during the season. (mental training, flexibility, strength)
2. Weight training 2-3 times per week (strength so I can push bigger gears)
3. Rock climbing at least one a week in the off season (strength, core focus)
4. Diet - limit alcohol to once a week, same with ice cream. :)
5. Try either skate skiing or short track skating in the winter.

Calendar wise - I'd definitely like to do a ton more NRC races. 10-15 in total. Hard core stage races included.

We're headed this morning to Toronto for a week of relaxation and rock climbing. Our dear friends Cam and Roanne are getting married. Should be a blast!

scratch race

I've been laying awake in bed for the past hour replaying and reliving the scratch race in my head to try and digest and learn from what happened. First and foremost - this year was the strongest women's field at track natz for a long time. To have to have qualification heats says a lot about sheer numbers. And also that each heat is stacked with the nations best track racers. I'm excited to have experienced it but somewhat dissappointed in my own performance. I was hesitant and did not express 100% of my ability. I know I had the fitness no problem but I wasn't willing to take the risks necessary to go for winning moves. Why? Maybe lack of experience, maybe fatigue and mental defeat. Something I can certainly train for next year though. Someone once said, "You can keep making mistakes, just never make the same mistakes twice."

I ran a large gear for the scratch race -51x15. My legs felt a little tapped and tired from the previous night. But all in all I just didn't have the grrrrrrr required to make it go. Damn. It makes me hungrier.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Points race final

By nearly making the mistake that would have cost me the qualification heat and using the points as a miss and out - my game plan was entirely different for the final. First I upped my gear - knowing that the race was going to be fast and furious. I also wasn't going for any hard efforts in the first several sprints because the pace was going to be constantly fast. So I rode in the back - sucking on Hammer's wheel. I knew her move was coming too to lap the field but I don't know why I hesitated to get on her wheel when she made the move from the back. I keep playing that moment over and over in my head. Everything in my body was screaming at me to stick on her wheel and it would have been a free ride around for 20 points. But my slight hesitation cost me a better placement.

The rest of the race went well - although i have never seen so many women pass on the apron. One offender finally got DQ'd - good! Those cheaters. Kick em out. I managed to gain a single point on the 30 to go sprint placing me in 11th. Had I positioned myself better for the final sprint I would definitely had 5th. Oh well - next year I'm working my pursuit so I can be that much stronger and make moves all the time. I had such a good time last night - and am headed back today for some scratch racing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

By the skin of my teeth...

This morning we had the points race qualification heats. I didn't sleep well last night because I kept rolling my mass start test lameness over and over in my head. Plus the pressure was on to make the race tonight so I had some serious anxiety. I think I only slept a total of 7 hours.

I got a really good warm up this morning though on the track. I hadn't quite reacquainted myself with the track so it was nice to do some hard efforts and feel the wood out. The transitions are sooooo smooth - you seriously can't feel them. I sat on a motor for several laps - just to wake up my legs and remind them that they are fast and I did train all season for this so HELLO!

I was in the second heat. The first heat contained World Champ Pursuitist Sarah Hammer - so it seemed like everyone was watching her every move. She really dictated the pace of the race and got her points early - leaving the rest of them up for grabs. I couldn't really watch that closely though - super nervous. We lined up at the rail and the pace was fast from the get go. I kept getting boxed in time and time again during the sprints so my fate was decided in the last go. Luckily I made the sprint and was the last woman to qualify. I almost was taken out by Laura from lipton - she came down in the sprinters lane and almost chopped my front wheel. My right foot actually came unclipped - and I had a wavering moment where ladies behind me were squealing - but i managed to clip back in and handle myself for the second to last sprint. Phew! That was a close one.

Our final points race is going to be screaming fast. I'm uping my gear and playing a completely different game this time. Should be fun and exciting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Uh, can I have a redue?

So the mass start test pretty much sucked. I don't know who was riding my bike - but it wasn't me today. The legs felt heavy, the gear too big and I couldn't kick the gear over. Strange. My time was 2:50. The time standard is 2:34. But only one woman made the time standard - out of 20 women.

A lot to work on - but that's in the past now and I'm ready for the next race!

Dan's Bronze and Gold Medals

Dan rocked the 4k pursuit final in the bronze medal round. He also won the gold for the U23 classification - he's floating on cloud nine!

Unfortunately Jimmy narrowly missed the scratch qualification. Which may have been a good thing because at about 20 laps to go in the final 5 guys crashed and one poor guy had to be taken to the hospital with a head wound. Scarey.

I did some flying efforts to feel out the right gear for the mass start test and hit the nail on the head first try in a 50x15. Ryan timed me and I made the 500m in 33.5. Then I'll just need to settle in and get er' done with 6 laps to go. It's time to push myself and express 100% of my ability.

headed to the track....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Track natz day one

Arrived into LAX yesterday afternoon and almost upgraded our rental car to a Hummer. Ha! Ryan would have died. If we weren't staying for so long we might have seriously considered it. Can you imagine? Bright obnoxious yellow with shiney rims to match.

We hooked up with Dan and then Jimmy - to discover my head set disintergrated. Apparently they give up the ghost after two years or so - and luckily I didn't have any events today so we were able to get it fixed by Andy the Shimano rep. What a stud. I owe him a bottle of red wine because apparently he's overloaded with beer.

Dan is a rock star. He made the final four in the pursuit with a time of 4:45. He's stoked!!! And he won a championship for the U23 classification. Excellent!!! Jimmy has a scratch heat this morning and we're headed back to the track to root him on.

More to come....

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday morning I woke up early, all excited to get on my bike and do some hard fast efforts on the track. Only to arrive and discover the track has 4 Saturns parked on it, yellow tape across it and a 3" think electrical cord running across it. Silly me, what was I thinking? So I headed down to Golden Gardens to do my efforts and was reminded how hard it is to simulate the track. :)

No worries though - I still made it count and the legs are feeling good! I finished my fish head last night too - just in time for us to leave for LA and Toronto. I'm really looking forward to some down time with Ryan.

Then last night Melinda and I headed to Hagen Berman's Starcross at Marymoor. Cross looks like an awesome sport -super fun and those pro men make it look so easy. Kabush came out too - he ended up third. Sundt put on a show with his young teammate who at one point had a nice lead. But nothing really got away from the lead group of 9 guys. One unfortunate soul had his tubular roll off his rim near the front of the course and had to run the entire 2 miles with a bike slung on his shoulder to the pits. He was looking strong too and putting on lots of attacks. But his attempt was in vain. I wonder if he ended up in 9th anyway - that group passed everyone a couple of times.

Cross looks like it humbles most people. It's a throw down sport - and that really appeals to me. But after track I'm resting until the winter training starts. Maybe next year?