Monday, September 04, 2006

5 years and counting...

Ryan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend. He came and cheered me on for the last Friday night racing and then we headed out Hwy. 20 for an epic road ride on Sunday. Saddly, Marymoor racing is done for the year. It was a great end of the season party - Dan Harm ran around the track NAKED. It was funny. There was free beer and we stayed till almost midnight. Fun times.

Our ride on Sunday was amazing. 42 miles each way - up to Washington Pass and back. Lots of climbing - I burned 2250 kcals on the way up and 725 on the way back to give you an idea of how strenuous it was. Ryan rocked it - that man can climb! We had a blast. Lots of laughs and good memories created - I'm so happy and in love with him. GUSH GUSH GUSH.

Oh and on a side note - Friday they posted a cancellation of the T-town races. Man am I glad I left early!!!

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