Sunday, September 24, 2006


What a great past two days of training. Thanks to Jennie - she helped coach me on some techniques that I hadn't heard before. For instance the Kirby (Klugal? I can't remember the real name of it) is important for core strengthening when you start going fast and keeping your crotch planted on the saddle. I tend to get sloppy when I'm tired - losing some core stability and my power starts wavering. It was good - she's such an inspiration and I really enjoyed training with her.

So one thing we both noticed is that I'm not pushing beyond my pain threshold. I hit the wall and then back off. I have yet to figure out how to endure beyond that wall and go beyond. I suppose that's what really sets you apart from other competitors - the way you're able to go beyond yourself and just cope resulting in nothing less than spectacular. Jennie said she's just put herself into that uncomfortablness so many times that now it's almost second nature to be able to push through the wall. So I'm striving for that. If you train that way you'll race that way. Nothing less than 110%.

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