Sunday, September 10, 2006

MS 150 Ride

Just got home and showered after a long and amazing day in the sun on my bike. Jill, Zana, Carol, Kristin, Paul and I all ventured the 75 mile day from La Conner up through Bow, around Chuckanut and back down the Skagit flats. It was great - the sun was shining, the rest stops great and the support was amazing. This is a ride I will do year after year after year.

So a recap of the highlights - 5 flats between Kristin, Jill and I. It rained for the first time in months and washed all the debri to the side of road - causing an unusually high amount of flats. Oh well. After the 4th flat we decided doing all 75 miles just wasn't in us so we did the shorter 50 mile version. ;)

The real reason we cut it short? Beer Garden. :) We hung out with some of the Harley guys and got to hear their take on MS and their commitment to involvement. The candle light vigil was filled with hope. Key note speaker was another amazing cyclist who was in the prime of his life and suddenly struck with MS. He's still pedaling and is slowly gaining his strength back and learning how to deal with MS. The biggest contributor is seeing how many people get involved with the MS ride year after year and give so whole heartedly to the community. Pretty touching if you ask me.

Pictures to be posted soon....

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