Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting Closer....

Last night was good - real good. Both Ryan's brought out their motorcycles even though we ended up using Stan's from the shed. Miller lead the first two efforts - both ramping me up to 33 mph. My goal before nats is 35 with sprints. If I can do that then things will be looking good for the old juiceypoo.

The first effort was 49x14 and I felt a little spun out when we'd do our big efforts. Then I put on 49x13 and was able to spin like a mad woman. Unfortunately some random people entered the track on their normal bikes so we had to stop our workout to get them off - safety first. :) Then Mr. T got on the bike and ramped me up to 32-33mph. It feels good to go that fast - but I know I have to go just a little bit faster to get where I want to be. I think I remember Becky Quinn saying she paced at 40. Hmmm... something to think about long term wise. Give me another year - and I hope to be knocking on that door.

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