Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I must admit, I haven't been this tired or exhausted from a workout in a long time. Yesterday we headed to the track for some points race training behind Stan's motor. I decided to make the points race my primary focus at nationals - the ultimate of ultimate track races. So Miller had me put on a 47x14 for my first effort and we cruised for about 50 laps with some sprint intervals thrown in the mix. We'd count down every 5 laps and he would have me sprint around the motor simulating a sprint lap and then jump back on at 27-28mph. I really struggled with the last effort - but he also ramped the speed up to about 32 or so. It was all I could do to hang on. :)

After some rest and sitting for recovery, I put on a 49x14 and we did it again. This time a shorter effort - I had a hard time even getting my legs to spin around. But once the intial shock wore off - I was good to go and we hammered. It is amazing to me to think Hammer and the world class pursuitists can hold that same tempo without a motor and drill it for 3k. I think I'll try it once I fully build my aerobic engine. The second effort was much harder - we were cruising around 33-34mph. The motor is super fun - but exhausting. You don't realize it until you're done. I felt like puking afterward. I came home in a heap. Poor Ryan had to carry me to bed because I couldn't muster up enough energy to watch our movie. I love those kind of workouts - they tax you physically and reward you mentally. I'm excited to see what happens at nats.

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