Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let the steady sunday's begin!

The leaves are starting to fall to the ground, the rains are definitely on their way - and you have to wear knickers all the time now to protect against the chilly air. And the weekly women's Sunday ride is back in effect with today being the first go and a chance for new comers to the scene to ride with other racers and check out the dealio. I'm going to head down there to lend a hand - it should be a nice meeeeellllllooooowwww pace. And much needed after yesterday's fast twitch motor pacing. Tim paid me a really nice compliment - saying my bike is dialed in. My hips don't sway at all - no rocking, nothing. Thanks to Reed at Speedy Reedy. I should send him over a thank you note...

Two weeks till nats.... I'm getting anxious and pumped!!!

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