Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So I swear I tried to upload some photos for all of you early today and blogger just pooped me out. But no - it's not working. It's probably the same problem that haunted Kele.

Last night Ryan and I headed out to the track for the typical Tuesday night motopace. He doesn't feel comfortable riding the mini-honda because he feels like he'd be stepping on someone's toes so I rode behind his motor instead. First response - agh the exhaust! I sucked down some serious tail pipe. Oh well - a girl's still got to do her motor pacing, right? It took us a couple tries to nail down the right effort too - he has so much torque on that thing that it was hard to keep it steady. Plus there's all this goose shit all over the track from the Canadian airforce. Yum - finishes off the tail pipe nicely with a minty fresh piece o' doo.

Good thing we did get out to the track last night because the rain is back. It's been steadily raining all day - and I have a two hour fun filled workout to do in it! Fun times!!! Good thing I have both fenders on - wait a second - no I don't! Rain rain go away.

Where's that super duper rain coat I ordered????

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