Thursday, September 14, 2006

sore throat

Uh oh. I knew it was coming. I got home on Sunday, smooched my sweetie, only to find out on monday we swapped bad germs. And now I have an inflamed lymph node on my right side. I tried gargling, I tried icing it with ice cream - to no avail. I soothed my weary soul with chocolate. I woke up today barely able to swallow. Good thing I cut my ride short yesterday.

Now it's time to pound the fluids! This is the third time this year I've had some cold like symptoms come up. Hmmmmm.... Emily mentioned once that she was always sick when she was cycling all the time. I wonder if that's true - are you more suspectible to getting sick when you work out everyday? Is your immune system that exhausted? And it's a vicious cycle when you can't work out. All you addicts know what I'm talking about. Injuries and illness are on the same level - LAME!

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